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Who to Notify When Someone Has Died

The list of who to notify when someone has died may feel endless. You may also worry about missing an important party from this list. Therefore, we have put together a useful checklist and helpful advice to guide you through notifying people of a death.

Information You May Need To Provide

Depending on the person or service, there may be personal information you may need to provide. It will be helpful to gather together the following details of the deceased:

Family and Friends

You are likely to want family and friends to be aware of the bereavement as a priority. Focusing on notifying immediate relatives and those in their closest social circles may be the best place to start. Then, you may be able to enlist the support of these people to deliver the news to wider circles.

Employers and Colleagues

In cases where the deceased was employed, their employer will need to be informed. Colleagues may also wish to attend the funeral, so you may also wish to inform them of future arrangements.

Care Providers

If the deceased had care providers, such as personal care, medical care, companionship services, or meal provision, then these providers will need to be contacted and services cancelled. Also consider any existing:

Financial Services

Financial services may include:

Home and Utilities

Home and utilities may include:

Government and Local Authorities

Government and local authorities may include:


The deceased may also have been involved in various leisure activities requiring memberships or monthly payments, such as gyms, swimming, sports or social clubs.

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