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Direct Cremation Services


Our Q&A section provides answers to all the most common questions we receive regarding this type of service. If you have any queries you may find the answer below. You can also contact a member of our friendly and caring staff for additional information and advice. Park Funeral Directors provide professional and dignified direct cremation services as well as traditional funeral planning. So, if you wish to make arrangements for a funeral of this nature, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Here at Park Funerals, we can arrange a cremation without a traditional funeral service.

Here at Park Funerals, we charge £1295.00. Certain conditions apply.

Here at Park Funerals, we can accept a payment by bank transfer, debit card or cash.

Here at Park Funerals, we can sometimes help you obtain financial assistance.

Here at Park Funerals, we have guidance on our website and in our brochure; or you can email or call us.

If you need to arrange a funeral during a period of lockdown, we can send an online arrangement form and coffin brochure, to assist you.

If the Coroner is involved, there is likely to be a delay. We will liaise with you and the Coroner to achieve a timely solution.

A basic yet respectable wood effect coffin will be used for direct cremation.
We will arrange for the ashes to be returned to us, following which we will contact you.
We are sorry to advise that you cannot choose the time, date or location, with this level of service.

Contact Park Funeral Directors

To discuss direct cremation services with us or for more information and support regarding funeral planning, call Park Funeral Directors. We are on hand 24 hours a day providing professional funeral services throughout Barry and Penarth.
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