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What To Do When Someone Dies

It is a distressing period when someone passes away, no matter the circumstances. During such a difficult moment, support is invaluable. Therefore, we have produced some useful information so that you know what to expect and what to do when someone dies.

Useful Checklist

A useful checklist to follow, includes:

When Someone Dies In A Hospital or Care Home

Hospital and care home staff are well-versed in what to do when someone dies in a hospital or care home. If absent at the time of passing, the next of kin will be contacted and informed. A doctor will be required to confirm the cause of death and issue a death certificate. In the event of an unnatural death a Coroner may be required to carry out further investigations. Liaisons between the hospital or care home and the Funeral Directors will be maintained and, when authorised, the deceased will be taken into care.

When Someone Dies at Home

When someone dies at home you will need to make contact with your designated GP clinic. The deceased’s GP should be able to issue a death certificate at once. The funeral director will then collect the deceased and bring them into care. Park Funeral Directors can then assist you with registering the passing and making funeral arrangements.

If Someone Dies On Holiday

If someone dies on holiday, or abroad for any other purpose, it will be necessary to make contact with the relevant British authorities. Deaths must be registered in the country in which they occurred. Your travel rep, agent or insurance company will be able to offer specific advice and support relevant to your specific location. Finally, if you wish to return the deceased to the United Kingdom in order to hold a burial, you will need to arrange repatriation.


Repatriation is the term used to refer to the transportation of a deceased person to their residing country. In order to repatriate your loved one you will require:

In The Event Of An Unexpected Passing

It can be especially challenging when someone dies without warning, whether as a result of sudden illness, accidents, injuries or crime. The first thing to do is call 999 and request emergency assistance. In the event of an unexpected passing, an investigation may be required which can result in additional distress during an already difficult time. If the Coroner is involved then there may be a delay to funeral proceedings. Park Funeral Directors Ltd will support you through the process and keep you informed.

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