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Chapel of Rest

– Visiting Our Rest Rooms

Our chapel of rest is conveniently situated at our premises in Barry. Modestly decorated in neutral colours, the rest rooms provide a comfortable, quiet and peaceful space to reflect and mourn. When visiting, you are welcome to leave flowers, messages or photos to be placed in the coffin with us. Visits are by appointment only, so please contact us in advance to book an appointment.

What To Expect When Visiting The Rest Rooms

The prospect of visiting may be unsettling if you are unsure of what to expect. The deceased will be placed in a coffin or casket, which will be situated on the catafalque. You will be provided with seating, where you can spend time with your loved one, undisturbed. Some people use the rest rooms to pray and take comfort in their faith, meanwhile, others simply as a period of reflection. At times, mourners may visit in a small group, whereas some people prefer to attend alone. Either way, you will be offered privacy and support as required. You may also wish to leave belongings, flowers or other tokens to be placed in the coffin at this time.

Do I Have To Attend The Chapel of Rest?

It is not compulsory to make use of the chapel of rest, and we support your decision to not attend if you do not wish to. Visiting your loved one is a deeply personal decision that Park Funeral Directors respect entirely. So, if you would prefer to recall your loved one as they were in life and would prefer not to visit, this is absolutely fine.

Who Can Visit The Chapel of Rest?

Anyone can visit the chapel of rest with prior consent from the funeral organiser. The deceased’s next of kin will be consulted before visits are granted. If you would like to visit someone at our chapel of rest, please get in touch for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Accessing Our Rest Rooms

With ample parking in the immediate vicinity, as well as public transport options nearby, our chapel is easy to get to. Visits are by appointment only and must be made in advance, which will offer you time to plan your visit. If you need any further information regarding accessing our rest rooms, including disabled access, then do not hesitate to call for further assistance.

Contact Park Funeral Directors

To make arrangements to visit your loved one at our chapel of rest, please telephone Park Funeral Directors today.
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