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Funeral Flowers

If you are looking for funeral flowers, Park Funeral Directors can recommend an exceptional florist who can create striking and commemorative arrangements. Working to your wishes, our florist will select from the best quality flowers and create masterful bouquets and tributes. These can then be delivered directly to our funeral home. Timed to coincide with the day of the funeral, thus ensuring quality is maintained, these flowers can be placed in the coffin for the procession or used to decorate the venue. Feel free to contact our staff for more information regarding floral arrangements.

Floral Tributes

Floral tributes can be in the form of a traditional wreath, letters or other unique shapes such as hearts. Your chosen flower varieties will be professionally set in florist foam, which comes in hundreds of shapes and designs. As a result, unique displays are achieved every time. They can also be finished with ribbons, photos or messages of love.

What Do Funeral Flowers Symbolise?

Today, floral displays can consist of all flower varieties, depending on your preference. However, historically, the symbolic meaning behind certain flowers played an important part in their selection…

White lilies


Lilies are the most common flower choice for funerals, representing innocence, purity, and a soul at peace. While white is by far the most commonly used, lilies come in numerous colours and stunning varieties.

pink red roses


Depending on the colour, roses can have a multitude of meanings. White represents purity, meanwhile red denotes passion and grief. Pink symbolises thanks, whereas yellow represents the bonds of a friendship.

carnation flowers in field


Common on funeral wreaths, sheafs and sprays, carnations are synonymous with devotion and remembrance. In combination with a broad colour choice and relative affordability, these are a widely favoured flower for most services.

yellow chrystanthemums


Chrysanthemums hold different connotations across the globe. In America and Europe, they are generally recognised to symbolise sympathy and honour and come in various colours. They are unique in their appearance too, thus making them an attractive part of floral arrangements.

Contact Park Funeral Directors

We can put you in touch with our recommended florist who can produce as well as deliver your funeral flowers to us on the day of the service. Park Funeral Directors care about the deceased and their family first and foremost. Therefore, we only work with reliable third parties to ensure you receive a respectful and exemplary service.
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