Independant Family Funeral Directors

Funeral Prices

Funeral prices will vary depending on the level of service you choose and any additional requests. Park Funeral Directors have become well established based on our honesty and integrity. Therefore, our pricing will always be transparent with no unexpected costs. We will provide a written quotation and notify you of our fees in advance.

Funeral Package Prices

We offer four funeral packages:

With the exception of direct cremation, these packages vary in price depending on customisation and product choices. Please contact us directly for a complete breakdown of our funeral package prices.

Comprehensive Funeral Plans

Park Funeral Directors provide comprehensive funeral plans from Golder Charter that can cover all or some of your funeral expenses. With a variety of payment methods available, including up-front in full, 12 monthly instalments or affordable direct debit plans, these plans provide flexibility and affordability. Not to mention, saving friends and family from the financial burden of funding your funeral.

Funeral Costs

Common funeral costs include:

Funeral Disbursements

Funeral disbursements are third party expenses such as securing a burial plot, arranging a memorial headstone or hiring a celebrant. These are any costs for services not covered by our Funeral Directors services. Some of these expenses must be paid for in advance of the funeral. However, Park Funeral Directors will always advise you of these costs in advance. Furthermore, some funeral plans will include a contribution to these funeral costs.

Affording A Funeral

If you need support affording a funeral, there are various Government funds you may be eligible for. Contact us directly and we can signpost you to services that may be able to help. Direct cremation provides a more affordable funeral option. Meanwhile, the deceased may have provided financial arrangements to cover the costs by way of a funeral plan or insurance.

Contact Park Funeral Directors

For more information on our funeral prices, or to speak in confidence regarding affording a funeral, please contact us. Our professional and dedicated staff are here to help and advise you during this difficult time.
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