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Types Of Funerals

There are several types of funerals to choose from. In addition to traditional burials and cremation, there are also eco-friendly options as well as religious and alternative celebrations of life. Park are well established, local, independent Funeral Directors, thus we have a great deal of experience in delivering services of all varieties. We are sensitive to the needs and wishes of the deceased and their family at all times. Moreover, we conduct funerals for all religions, beliefs and cultures with the utmost accuracy and respect. No matter the variety of funeral service you choose, you are in caring and compassionate hands at Park Funeral Directors.


Burials will require a plot and a burial certificate to go ahead. This is obtained when the death is registered. Our knowledgeable team can support you with the administration for arranging a burial. A burial service will typically be held at your chosen cemetery or churchyard. Woodland burials are also a possibility if you prefer an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional burial.

Green Funerals

Green funerals, in the form of woodland burials, are increasing in popularity as we become more environmentally conscious. We supply various coffins and caskets made of cardboard, wicker and wool, which are kind to the environment while still looking highly respectable. If you wish to plan a green funeral, please get in touch.


Cremation services are conducted at the local crematorium and can be religious or non-religious in nature. A service can be held at a venue of your choosing, after which the coffin will be transported to the crematorium by the hearse. Alternatively, services can be held at the crematorium itself. We also provide affordable yet dignified direct cremations.

Religious Funeral Services

Religious funeral services are available for all faiths including Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Jewish. Buddhist, Catholic and all other recognised faiths. The minister, imam, celebrant or ceremony leader will conduct the service in line with the respective faith, honouring the deceased in the manner in which they held dear.

Alternative Funerals

For those who may be non-religious or in search of something a little different, then alternative funerals may be preferable. From added extras, such as specialist hearses or bespoke floral arrangements, to entirely custom funeral services, there are many choices available. Options could include:

Contact Park Funeral Directors

To discuss the types of funerals available and make funeral arrangements please speak to a dedicated member of our staff. We are on-hand to assist with funeral arrangements so that your loved one receives the fond farewell that you envisage.
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