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Coffins and Caskets

Park Funeral Directors can offer a wide range of coffins and caskets to suit a range of tastes and budgets. We can supply themed coffins, eco-friendly coffins, American style caskets, traditional styles and even wool or cardboard options. Our helpful and caring team can run through all the models available and help you make a decision that considers affordability and suitability. Once you have selected the coffin, we will ensure the correct size is ordered and take care of all preparation. We can also enclose any photos, personal items, floral tributes or other belongings that you may like to include.


In addition to making other funeral arrangements, including preparing floral tributes, you will also need to select a coffin. Coffins are available in many quality materials, including:

wooden chatsworth cofin

Traditional Coffins

Traditional coffins come in a wide range of materials and finishes including oak veneer, maple. We can go through your options and help you pick the coffin that meets your wishes and meets your budget. Our staff can also assist you in arranging bespoke sizes or custom designs.

Wooden american style casket


Finally, we can also source lavish, American style caskets with half-opening hinged lids. If you are looking to arrange a ‘grand’ send-off these caskets, available in wood or metal effect, have a striking presence.

Themed Coffins

Themed coffins are popular as they can be used to reflect the personality or interests of the deceased for a considerate and mindful send-off. Almost any theme or imagery can be used. Some of the more common themes include nature and landscapes, sports, music, and transport.

Ash Caskets and Scatter Tubes

We can also supply ash caskets and scatter tubes in various sizes, styles and patterns. These urns and tubes are beautifully designed so that your scattering ceremony is poignant, respectful and dignified. Additionally, we can also advise on where you can and cannot scatter ashes.

wooden coffin with pattern
wooden coffin

Coffin Prices

Coffin prices will vary depending on the style you choose and the materials requested. We are more than happy to go through the options available, assist you in your choice and provide a price for any of our coffins and caskets.

Contact Park Funeral Directors

Our experienced and caring staff are here to help you select from our range of coffins and caskets. Get in touch to arrange a home visit or book an appointment to come in and see us.
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